Ägräs Gin

I believe it is time to introduce third and so far last of the available products Ägräs Distillery produces: their signature gin. It was first of their published products and the first draft succeeded pretty well: they won ISC bronze medal in the super premium class! The gin is designed to be drunk as room... Continue Reading →

Omnipollo Special

Omnipollo is one of the most interesting gypsy breweries currently, located in Stockholm, Sweden. We all have a different opinion about the etiquettes, however, most of us are a fan of one or more of their products. We decided to taste some of their products available in our outsourced living room, Maltainen Riekko (Malty Grouse)... Continue Reading →

Fat Lizard Conan Juice IPA 6,5%

On a hot day when you prefer to complete your mundane tasks on a terrace with laptop you sometimes need something refreshing. When offered to taste Fat Lizards latest batch (at a time), how could one refuse? Plenty of mango on smell, hints of pepper in taste. A bit hoarse and grassy but still balanced.... Continue Reading →

Catch up with Stadin panimo!

Summer… for most of the people it is the time of the year when you can relax and you have time for your own projects. For us, it is time for hardcore working to keep hungry visitors happy and going. My apologies for not writing in days, hopefully this up to date post with several... Continue Reading →

Asunsion Oloroso and Px – Aging whisky

Ok, some details about aging whisky. Ägräs Distillery has now started to age their whisky and hopefully in three or so years we shall have something great in our glasses. About the base alcohol, new spirit, I already wrote about. One can expect an interesting whisky. Ägräs Distillery ages their whisky in two different barrels,... Continue Reading →

Level Eleven #16 Wheat IPAish

First beer of our own production to introduce is a wheat IPA designed by Erik. For my taste it does not have enough bitterness (IPUs) for an IPA, but as a wheat beer it is pretty excellent one, I could easily imagine myself sipping this on a nice summer day in Helsinki. Enough kick from... Continue Reading →

Ägräs Akvavit

Ägräs indeed got some great news yesterday on Monday: They had won silver in ISC (International Spirits Challenge) with their aquavit! Great accomplishment as they already got bronze with their gin. So what is the thing with Ägräs Aquavit? First of all, it has nice potato distilled base alcohol and it gives the smoothness and... Continue Reading →

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