Ägräs New Spirit

So, our very first post (Or it was supposed to be, until it was postponed as the product was not public yet…). And what would be a better start than a new spirit of a new distillery. Later, we’ll come back to some memories over past years alongside with new experiences. There will be people, places, and products – our view of what it takes to produce great beers, ciders, distilled products and other things this blog is about. Aaaand back to the matter at hand, we are sure you’ll catch what is going on in this blog after few posts.

The time has come for Ägräs Distillery to distill their base alcohol for whisky. I was lucky enough to have a sip of this, and what a surprise it was. I was prepared for a typical taste that is a bit bitter and harsh from alcohol with raw flavours depending on the style intended. This, however, was something quite different. Eyes shut, I would not have recognized this as a base alcohol but more as a semi-ok quality whisky. Quite an accomplish for a product that has not yet seen wood at all.

Clear in colour, rich in flavour. There is noticeable smoke and peat in smell, softness, rubbery peat, hazelnuts, some sweetness and ample of fruitiness in flavour. Smokiness and peat comes clearly from the barley used, but I was amazed of the richness of other flavours. I’ll be first in line when this comes out, hopefully in three or so years.

80/100 (But I’m sure the finished product will score far higher. As a new spirit, this is surprisingly good, but understandably new spirit however lacks the taste of perfection)


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