Level Eleven

Ha, here I am. In the very heart of Level Eleven, in an old stable somewhere middle of central park of Helsinki. Level Eleven is a project, that started 9 months ago, when I and five others (Erik, Jonna, Mikko, Petteri and Tuomas)  decided to buy quality brewing equipment and started experiment. Rest is history… someday. First we need to make it true. For that, we recruited Petro in our team. Now we are seven!

I am currently waiting the batch number 20 (I call it “The Dark Side of Ale”) to be completed while batch number 18 is melting (yes, melting, not boiling) with a sidekick of 18b – a leftover from the real deal. Slow process, but I believe worth waiting! When I said experimental, I mean it. We have used some lab-produced space age herbs in our wit, dried plums in our winter ale and the best cinnamon buns available in our double stout. What the rules are if not to break them?

I’ll come in more detail our beers and experiments in posts to come, but I wanted to give you a glimpse of what is an important thing for me. This is not just a place, but more than that. A project where you can let your imagination fly and hope that your mates do not hit your ideas with their shotgun sharp questions and suggestions.

So, I do not only drink beer, I brew it. Just the way I like it.

Oh, btw, just to mention: we are noncommercial. Hence, you cannot buy any of our beers anywhere. Yet, at least.

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