Karhu III

ARGH! It must be Monday. Oh, it is.

We were supposed to go to a road trip. Nope. Have a day off. Nope. Be late on work that you was not supposed to have and notice that the cat is puking on the hallway. Drop this, drop that, shatter something… more regular Monday stuff. I think you got the point.

Go home, open a bottle of great tasting home made hyper trendy New England IPA and be ready to enjoy… just noticing that it foams all over on the table, floor, on stuff you were supposed to take on road trip…

When you are on the edge, it is probably just give up, and open a bottle of commercial lager. Dull, boring, nothing special, no surprises, flat taste, light. But it is cold and it does its job every time and every time the same way. Exactly what I need right now.

Cannot wait Tuesday.

For this specific moment, 100/100. On normal conditions 50/100 -> no flaws, no mistakes but not worth to live for. Extreme quality and possibilities wasted.

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