Grasshopper and _the_ gin

Do not look me like that. Bug is the new sushi, believe me. All I am guilty of is surfing on the trend, although completely by luck, simply being in the right place at the right time for this drink. I was just visiting Ägräs Taproom to check that everything is fine for the tour I was organizing for friends and guests later that day. And lucky me, they were practicing a new cocktail for the Taste of Helsinki food festival!

Main ingredient of the drink (that I will write about a bit later) is gin where dried and crushed grasshoppers have been soaked for three days. The color changes quire remarkably as does the taste. I have to say I prefer the gin as it is, and as we all know (or should know) it is a premium one , but this process has its purpose for the drink, as you will see later.

The mix tastes still clearly gin and the citrus is more dominant. The grasshoppers bring a woody and hoarse taste that is heavy and tart. It makes you wonder what you are drinking… mm… or, well, no wonder, considering the ingredient.



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