Easy Rider

You know the feeling when you are driving on a road trip and others are sipping sparkling wine, craft beer or so while Sun is shining… and you kind of wish you would have something else than coffee, energy drinks or plain water. Well, luckily nowadays there are quite good selection of nonalcoholic beers. Yes, this blog is about alcohol, but on the other hand, it is more. It is about culture, people, places and moments. Hence here is a substitute for an alcoholic beer. Shoot me for this if you want to.

Easy Rider Bulldog by Gotlands Bryggeri is pretty good for a nonalcoholic version of IPA. I should try it side by side with Nanny State to compare which is better. This one has nice lemony hop characters, light as nonalcoholic beers usually are, but refreshing as well, and quite well balanced, which is not an easy task without alcohol. Some yeast still in the bottle. Even though the points in my personal universal scale are not that high, it is one of the best nonalcoholic beers I have tasted. For a driver, this is a saver.


And please remember. DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE – Unless it is nonalcoholic.

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