Stallhagen Honungsöl (honey ale) and Dark Honey

For some reason Stallhagen is all over on Western coast of Finland. No matter where you stop, you’ll find a selection. What caught my attention was the dark version of their honey beer. And as the regular one was awailable, why not to compare side by side. Apparently we had ample drinks with us as this pairing was not to be hold before we were back in Fiskars. Well, I am sure it still tastes the same.

Stallhagen Honungsöl
Light, a little bit sweet for mouth. Honey tastes somewhat, but for my taste uninspiring. Too soft, even a bit diluted. Nothing wrong in this one really, but does not give that much either.
60/100 // Oskari

Stallhagen Dark Honey
More tasty, but still light, sweet and softly honeyish. Quite ok, nectar-like basic beer. Same problem as with basic version: nothing wrong, nothing special.
65/100 // Jonna & Oskari

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