Ägräs Akvavit

Ägräs indeed got some great news yesterday on Monday: They had won silver in ISC (International Spirits Challenge) with their aquavit! Great accomplishment as they already got bronze with their gin. So what is the thing with Ägräs Aquavit?

First of all, it has nice potato distilled base alcohol and it gives the smoothness and slight sweetness to the drink. Secondly, the distilling method, as Ägräs uses high tech equipment for distilling. More about this later, but this allows the master distiller Tomi to tune the distilling process as he wishes. Thirdly, the ingredients. Ägräs uses, whenever possible, local and Finnish raw materials; in this case caraway, fennel, wild angelica and lemon peel. Well, naturally you cannot find lemons in Finland except in supermarkets, but you got the point, I am sure of it. Fourthly and finally, the aquavit is matured in white oak barrels for a month giving strength, structure and hints of vanilla into flavour. Pretty good mix, as ISC judges noticed as well!

Sweet herbs in the nose, full of aromas. Caraway pops out clearly with sweetness and softness in taste with herbs and nice licorice notes, traces of lemon. With imagination, I can find even the vanilla lingering somewhere in the labyrinth of my taste buds. The oak gives nice touch for the color as well. Pretty delicious for a first draft!

92/100 //Oskari

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