Double IPA by Matin Kotipanimo (Home brewery of Matti)

We participated on a home brewing competition hold by Brewdog bar Helsinki last winter. Unfortunately no luck on the competition, but we got a lot of experience and contacts. And some bottles were changes as well. Here is one of them, although a long time has passed and I think it is not as fresh as it should be. Hence, I will not rate it, but just describe it. Maybe one day I shall taste it as it was supposed to.

Five different hops (Cascade, Citra, Galaxy, Mosaic, Belma) make quite a robust taste with 80 or so IBUs. However, taste is still sweet and the bitterness is quite easy and longish. Even some toffee or caramel behind. The color indicates the same, reddish possibly from caramalts. The body could be a bit sturdier apart of the sweetness, but is still tasty. Quite high in alcohol which can be felt in the taste as well. But hops. If this has been dry hopped, most of the flavors are gone already. Shame. Not bad, but could hold miles more dry hops. Which it may have had.

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