Asunsion Oloroso and Px – Aging whisky

Ok, some details about aging whisky. Ägräs Distillery has now started to age their whisky and hopefully in three or so years we shall have something great in our glasses. About the base alcohol, new spirit, I already wrote about. One can expect an interesting whisky.

Ägräs Distillery ages their whisky in two different barrels, in Oloroso and Px, both from Asunsion estate in Spain (Px is basically more matured Oloroso sherry). These barrels and their profile is supposed to fit with the developing tastes and flavors of aging whisky. Does it work? I certainly hope so.

About the Asunsion Oloroso and Px:

Tasty toast toasted with hints of butter and apricot. Some honey in taste but surprisingly dry on taste. Color is . Not favor of this kinds of sherries, but I could have another sip still please.

Übersweet sherry with demerara sugar, raisin, syrapic with mocca and coffee and cocoakindoftaste but no bitterness of these. Yammy. I could see this giving nice sweet round edges for the whisky. Deep and rich color.

Note: The sherries themselves are not available on Taproom, but were there purely for educational purposes to help staff understand the maturing process in depth.

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