Catch up with Stadin panimo!

Summer… for most of the people it is the time of the year when you can relax and you have time for your own projects. For us, it is time for hardcore working to keep hungry visitors happy and going. My apologies for not writing in days, hopefully this up to date post with several beers in one will make it up to you.

Stadin panimo (Stadi = a slang word for Helsinki -> Helsinki Brewery) announces a set of draft beers to taste and evaluate. The goal for this is to gain comments for next commercial brew in a larger scale. Interesting set up and as not all the brews were on the tap simultaneously, we had to make revisit to the brewery. Which was not a thing we did against our will.

(There might be some beers on the list that were not for evaluation, but… well… sue me.)

American Black Lager 5,3%
Coffeeeeeeee, some tartness, a bit light body, hoarse, more raw coffee. Not for my coffee buds.

New England Session Spelt Ale 4,5%
A little bit easypeasy and light but still balanced and refreshing. Hints of nuts and roastness, likely from the spelt used.

Mosaic Extra Pale Ale 4,5%
Really light, refreshing, even soapy. Hints of hints of hints of lime. Not too much to say, pro or cons.

Rye India Vienna Lager 5,3%
A bit spicy (from rye I assume), refreshing and long and balanced taste (and aftertaste). Straight, clear flavours with ryetwist. Some resin and twig. One of the best of the selection.

Kashmir Sun Beat Down 5,6%
Crispy and tasty hopping, nicely hoarse, would be really nice beer to watch sunset.

Modern German Pils
Tasty, refreshing, hints of butter nice malty body, soft but still semiboring. Misses something.

Barrel Aged Stout
Strong, tasty, malty taste with coffee, chocolate and dark flavours. Mmmm, nice.

Birch sap lager
A bit bland flabours and taste. Some thickness on the tip of your tongue and overall slight sweetness comes from the birch sap, no doubt about that. Apart of that, a miss.

Imperial Baltic Porter
Softy soft, heavy, slightly sweet and creamy. Alcohol comes through somewhat, probably goes away with time. Some cherry, chocolate and roasty notes. Nice blackish colour!

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