This blog is about great (and sometimes not so great) experiences, related to alcohol products, mainly people, places and products, the holy combination that is required to create great experiences; this is my view of point. There are two persons featured: Oskari ja Jonna.

We are a couple who love to travel and gain new experiences. Sometimes they are related to alcohol, sometimes not. We have a long time planned to have these experienced published and now there seemed to be a perfect time for this as Oskari has worked for a some time now in a project called Level Eleven and is now more and more going into the world of brewing and distilling as a professional. Jonna, on the other hand, works as an architect, although she has her fingers on the Level Eleven and on some other projects as well.

A note: this blog is purely a personal one and is not related to any project, company or so at any imaginable or unimaginable way. This serves as our personal note and a memory bank that we have decided to share with others.

I hope you’ll enjoy this quest for perfect alcohol.

(Please keep in mind that we do not encourage anyone to drink alcohol. We just tell our experiences, and there are ample of experiences that are not related to alcohol. This blog is just not about those.)

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