Drivers choice 3/3 Laitilan Skumppa Rosé

Day three, and the driver changed again. This time wheel turner was Jenny, and as earlier, we found our camping site pretty late. As you may have noticed on the pic, she was pretty thirsty... Laitila Skumppa Sparkling Rosé was... mmm... ömmm.. hömmm... ööööö... an interesting experience. Strawberry lemonade essence flavored sweet rosé sparkling drink.... Continue Reading →

Drivers choice 1/3 Lahden Sininen

When you are on a road trip and a driver, there is something special about opening the first beer. Hot day, long kilometers behind... and the first sip of refreshing cold beer. On our first day the driver was Samuli, my little brother. And how happy he was after the first sip... Lahden Sininen (Lahti... Continue Reading →

Easy Rider

You know the feeling when you are driving on a road trip and others are sipping sparkling wine, craft beer or so while Sun is shining... and you kind of wish you would have something else than coffee, energy drinks or plain water. Well, luckily nowadays there are quite good selection of nonalcoholic beers. Yes,... Continue Reading →

Malmgård Dinkel

Finally in our destination somewhere in Satakunta, a region in Finland where Jonna’s parents have a rented summer cabin. And no cabin in Finland is really a summer cabin if there is no lake and a sauna. A sauna and a beer is a holy duality in Finnish culture, or so it sometimes seems. And... Continue Reading →

Grasshopper and _the_ gin

Do not look me like that. Bug is the new sushi, believe me. All I am guilty of is surfing on the trend, although completely by luck, simply being in the right place at the right time for this drink. I was just visiting Ägräs Taproom to check that everything is fine for the tour... Continue Reading →

Karhu III

ARGH! It must be Monday. Oh, it is. We were supposed to go to a road trip. Nope. Have a day off. Nope. Be late on work that you was not supposed to have and notice that the cat is puking on the hallway. Drop this, drop that, shatter something... more regular Monday stuff. I... Continue Reading →

Gran Appasso

Omnomnom. After a long day it is nice to have a sip of red while dreaming about vacation. For the price, this wine is really tasty. Soft but mouthful tannin, cherryish and plummish, full bodied, slightly spicy, ripe berries and even hints of sweet blueberries. Alcohol is not overwhelming but feels more as warmth in... Continue Reading →

Level Eleven

Ha, here I am. In the very heart of Level Eleven, in an old stable somewhere middle of central park of Helsinki. Level Eleven is a project, that started 9 months ago, when I and five others (Erik, Jonna, Mikko, Petteri and Tuomas)  decided to buy quality brewing equipment and started experiment. Rest is history...... Continue Reading →

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